Creation Con

Star Trek/Buffy/Angel/Scifi Convention

February 28th to March 2nd, 2003 at the Doubletree Bellevue Hotel

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Hi everyone, yes, I went to yet another convention.  That is James Marsters and I at the con. He plays Spike on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Now, even though I'd like to say it was just he and I hangin' at the con together, I had no such luck, which is so unlike me. Hehehehe But he was generous enough to sit for hours and get pictures with fans who wanted to get a nice shot with him. You can't see it here, I'm hoping to scan my photo, when I get it, and put it larger scale here so you all can see it, but my shirt says, Bite Me! It's one of my Velcro shirts and I knew I should wear it, I just didn't know what I should write. So I decided to go for it and be silly and hope everyone got the joke. For me, the fact that James got it and even said "I like your shirt", said it all. He made my day and I spent the rest of the day smiling. It was awful nice of them to start the day with the photo op with him.

One thing before I forget, the con people kept it pretty dark on the stage at times so even though I was close, my pictures still came out dark because we couldn't use flash most of the time. I tried to lighten them up as best I could so please forgive the graininess of some of them. Plus the fact that my digital camera is acting up and needs repair didn't help either. But I hope you enjoy the photos anyway, party on!!

Here's the guest list, it's pretty long.

The headliners:
ROBERT PICARDO (Voyager's Doctor)
ETHAN PHILLIPS (Voyager's Neelix)
JAMES MARSTERS (Buffy's Spike)
ROXANN DAWSON (Torres of Star Trek: Voyager)
ROBBIE McNEILL (Paris of Star Trek: Voyager)
ANDY HALLETT (Lorne on Angel)
MARC ALAIMO (Gul Dukat of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
CASEY BIGGS (Damar of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
JEFFREY COMBS (Weyoun of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
JAMES LEARY (Clem of Buffy)

The other guests:
ARLENE MARTEL - T'pring on "The Original Series"
J. PAUL BOEHMER - Roles on VOY and ENT
SCOTT MacDONALD - Tosk, N'Vek and many others
LINDA HARRISON - Nova from "Planet of the Apes"
GLENN SHADIX - "Beetlejuice", "Planet of the Apes", "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
GREGORY ITZIN - DS9 and ENT plus loads more
MARTIN RAYNER - Dr. Chaotica from VOY
PAUL CARR - Lt. Lee Kelso from TOS
RYAN SPAHN- Borg teenager from VOY
KURT and CODY WETHERILL - the Borg twins from VOY
RICHARD HERD - Admiral Paris on VOY and many more
BARBARA LUNA - Lt. Marlena Moreau on TOS
FRANCE NUYEN - Elaan of Elaas from TOS
ANNE RAMSAY- TNG and "Mad About You" and many others
HERB JEFFERSON, Jr. - Lt. Boomer from Battlestar Galactica

And I think others dropped by but I can't remember all the names so please forgive me. I tried to get pictures of everyone there but think I missed a few, it's hard work these conventions. You had to pay 10 bucks to get an autograph, which is normal, but you couldn't get a picture with them unless you bought an autograph. I think that's so wrong. I mean what if I was broke, did that mean I couldn't get my picture with any of the guests, that's not fair. You could take a picture of them for free but why have to pay just to get a picture with them. I've never seen that before at a con, but then I guess I've been out of the loop for a while as far as other cons go. I've been so busy going to specialized cons for single shows that I haven't gone to one of these types in many years. Oh well, I had fun, got lots of pictures and autographs and met lots of wonderful guests and fans. Even made a friend.

So, here's how it went. Friday the con was only open from something like 3-6 for people with Gold weekend passes, which I had. It said on the itinerary that only the dealers rooms would be open so I went before I had to go to work and didn't bring anything with me, no camera, nothing, except money to buy pictures that I wanted to get signed that weekend. As it turns out, most of the dealers were up but the other tables that sat all the Other Guests were set up as well and most of them showed up. So here I was with no camera and only time to chat about an hour with all of the guests before I had to dash off to work. It was ok though as I had been able to share some quality time with a few of the guys and didn't have to worry about lines or crowds of people. It was like our own private con and I enjoyed being able to chat quietly and get a bit more personal then I would be able to during the rest of the con. I hung out with J. PAUL BOEHMER, SCOTT MacDONALD, GREGORY ITZIN, PAUL CARR, RICHARD HERD, and MARTIN RAYNER. They are an incredible bunch of guys and great fun to hang out with. But, I had to run to work, so promised them I'd be back for the whole weekend and I'd be by plenty of times to flirt, I mean chat. I wish I had some pictures of that day but like I said I wasn't prepared, so sue me.

Saturday, the con started at noon both days I think so I didn't have to get up too awful early which was nice. I had bought my ticket really early so I had a great number, something like A12, which happened to be first row almost center stage. WWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It rocked. When I got there it was filling up already, so I found my seat, settled in and enjoyed the first part of the con.

So, let's get started shall we.

Saturday  Sunday  My Photo Page with the guests


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