These pages are dedicated to Sammie. Otherwise know as: Sam or Spaz. Officially know as:

Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter's Lunar Eclipse

Big name for such a small dog, but she lives up to it.

Oh and if you're wondering, yes I'm a fan of Stargate SG1, in case you didn't know the lunar eclipse thing is because of the white crescent moon shaped marking on her neck. You'll see it in some of the pictures.

I'll have lots more pictures up here soon but for now, here's a nice little video of her with her toy snake. It's 56 seconds long and I use Windows Media Player to view it. It takes a few minutes to load so be prepared to wait a bit for it to show up.

To view the 10MB video CLICK HERE

Now for some photos...

She was 4 months old when we got her. I took these her first few days home. She was born September 24th, 2004.

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Trying out the new harness and playing with her new toys.

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Nap time.

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Her first rawhide stick, she loved it.

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Her close ups.

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