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So, it starts with us checking out the dealer's room, just can't stay away. Then it's panel time and Jed steps up to the plate. We hear a few more interesting stories and get to see some oldies but goodies. You see, alot of people only came for one day and missed alot of the stuff. So the same questions got asked over and over each day. He was a good sport and answered eagerly and did the same pratfalls he did on the first day with as much enthusiasm as ever.

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Think I'll just let you use your imagination.

3.jpg (111911 bytes)

Caught in the air, again.

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Ok, the last one he's on a horse, really. I know it looks like he's doing, car, but it's horse. He's really an accomplished horseman and they used his talents well. What a rounded guy, is there anything he can't do?

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I just thought this one was silly. His last question.

autographs.jpg (90318 bytes)

Here's the 2 photo autographs I got. I also had them sign my Alien calendar. That's Lawrence as Lurtz and Jed as the black rider.

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Then, as it was the end of the con I wanted to have fun so Jed and I posed all silly for a few pictures.

9kimjed.jpg (141554 bytes)

You can't see it but I'm holding up his leg with my right hand.

10fangroup.jpg (82776 bytes)

A group shot with some fans.

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We stopped in to listen to this band play. They were really good.

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Then Heather joined in and it got fantastic.

bandheather2.jpg (25697 bytes)knights.jpg (43684 bytes)

I listened to them for a while then Heather did a set of her own, but I wanted to watch the Seattle Knights so I left to see a bit of them since I had missed them all weekend. I was so glad I did.

knights2.jpg (90680 bytes)

They were amazing. They did a musical version of the Lord of the Rings. I saw Lawrence was in the corner eating lunch and watching too.

knights3.jpg (122825 bytes)

They had just about every character and put on a great show.

knights4.jpg (54536 bytes)

They showed us how they do their stunts and how to fight.

knights5.jpg (69948 bytes)

They are actors and everything is choreographed.

knights6.jpg (82149 bytes)

They told quite a story and it was pretty realistic.

knights7.jpg (59949 bytes)

If you ever get the chance, you gotta see these guys perform.

knights8.jpg (49141 bytes)

Ok, everybody sing.

knights9.jpg (49755 bytes)knights10.jpg (60721 bytes)

Everyone fight. There's Lawrence in the corner.

knights11.jpg (36160 bytes)

Hey, stop kissing, you're supposed to be fighting.

knights12.jpg (56339 bytes)

A grand fight ends the story and we all give them a standing ovation.

lawrenceswords.jpg (46357 bytes)

Afterward we got to talk to them and Lawrence chatted with them for a while. I went and grabbed everyone and we decided to leave and get dinner. We stopped back in to say good bye to Lawrence and he was playing with some swords and daggers.

lawswords2.jpg (49780 bytes)lawus.jpg (150160 bytes)

We all stood back and he showed us some of his moves. Impressive!! Then we all got hugs and got one last group shot with him.

11ustree.jpg (176834 bytes)

Then we saw the Ent hanging out in the lobby and decided to get a group shot with him too.

12ustree2.jpg (95977 bytes)

Ok, 2 shots. We were all starving and headed out with all our stuff. It was a fun con, glad we went. They're supposed to have another one in October I think. Don't know if I'll make it, depends on the guests. If these guys come back I think I just might. :D

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