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Saturday night costume party

So after a while we got really silly. I guess I should admit that I got really silly and it wore off on them.

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Everyone tried on my hat and we got pictures. It's a fun hat, what can I say?????

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Don't they look cute, and silly too.

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Ok, story time. We had Lawrence at our table for a minute cause he was gonna dance with us, but then someone dragged him away and we got stuck watching his jacket and his drink. Well, after a while we had to move it cause it was falling on the floor, so Robin picked it up and realized how heavy and very large it was and thought she should try it on, but didn't. Then I thought oh what the heck, so I tried it on. It was sooooooo huge. We all thought it was so funny and had to get pictures with it. Then Kasia tried it on and we had to put her on a chair just to get an idea of how big it was. We later told him we took pictures of ourselves in his jacket and he didn't care. He was just glad we watched it for him.

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At one point, can't remember when, he and Jed disappeared and when they came back they did this little dance for us. It was quite good actually, they're both very good dancers. Ok, these pictures don't do it justice but trust me, it was good.

5.jpg (70789 bytes)

Then they ended it with a bow, with their butts toward us. Think they did that on purpose. As soon as they bent over the cameras started clicking and I just had to get a few shots myself.

6.jpg (47688 bytes)

See, I was in front of them watching them dance and had to move around to get the back view.

7.jpg (92997 bytes)

Black leather was the clothing item of choice throughout the weekend and I think it finished nicely. I won't say it.....I won't say it!!!!!! :P

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Then they got up to thank us for everything and to thank Heather and the band. First Lawrence gave her a hug then Jed did and then it became a group hug and then it progressed to this.

It was an exciting night. I got incredibly silly and had a great time dancing. We all slept pretty well that night.

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