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Saturday Night Costume party

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It all started with a costume contest. There were lots of people so they did them in groups and gave 3 prizes to kids and 3 to the adults.

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Jed jumped in and had some fun.

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The winners were picked by audience applause. Jed just liked being there and having fun with us.

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The 3 child finalists. And then I caught Lawrence and Jed hanging with a black rider.

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Great costumes, and love the masks.

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This was the pickle girl. She went around selling pickles and the guys got to get theirs from her cleavage if they wanted to. They both had a bit of fun with it I'd say.

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Lawrence really went for it. Then he showed up with a huge helmet on, don't know where he got it but he was quite smashing.

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Jed made rounds talking to people and getting pictures. I just had to get a shot of this, it was too cute.

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