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We started out watching Heather Alexander play and wandered through the dealer's room some more. We had all dressed up that day except for Aubrey who was planning on buying something that day to wear that night to the costume party.

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We were just fooling around wasting time and decided to get silly.

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That's not like us at all. Don't we look great???!!!???

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Then the panels started for the day. Jed started and then Lawrence came in to join him a bit later. Jed played lots of characters too. He was Snaga, Sharku, a Black Rider, a Rohan horseback soldier, an Orc, and he did lots of the horse stunts as well. He was an all around horse guy, being a stunt double or filling in if someone wasn't there. He had lots of great stories and I could have listened to him all day. He ended up buying the main horse he rode after the shooting was over.

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I was really interested in their stories so I didn't take as many pictures as usual.

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I tried to make the ones I got count so I waited till I thought something funny was gonna happen.

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Here's a great example. Jed is a great physical comedian so he was fun to get pictures of cause he was always doing silly stuff. Here he's putting on the Witch King's crown.

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It was actually very heavy and awkward. These guys got along wonderfully, you could tell they'd become close friends over the 4 years they worked together.

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They were full of great stories for us and acted many of the scenes out for us. Here Lawrence is pretending to ride a Fell Beast, you know I have no idea how it's actually spelled but I'll look it up and fix it later. So, anyway, the beast turns out to be a large 40 gallon drum on wheels. So, he's got to do his scene several times in different ways so they can get enough material to work with when they add in the beast. His movements had to look real and he had to pretend he was surrounded by thousands of soldiers. He said he felt stupid and must have looked ridiculous. It's ok Lawrence, it all turned out ok. Oh and Jed's just pretending to push the barrel along, he's not trying to grab his ass. Oh, and there was one other beast that he had to ride that was also a 40 gallon drum. When Lawrence tells it it's really funny, really.

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Then Lawrence was taken off stage for a bit so Jed had it to himself again and kept us laughing. Here he explains just about his first time on set. He had all the makeup on and contacts so he could barely see a thing. He had to run around a corner and tell his master something. Well, he takes off running, doesn't see the wires and stuff on the ground in front of him and trips. Since he was really going for it he went flying and landed on his face. Now obviously he actually did this for us and by the end of the con he must have been black and blue for all the falling he did. But it was extremely entertaining and showed us just how great a sport he was. He said after he got the running right he tried to say his line, but with the teeth in he couldn't talk very well either so no one could understand what he was saying. They ended up cutting the scene out anyway. Too bad, all that work for nothing.

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Lawrence came back dressed as the Witch King. Then they staged this whole scene where the King of Rohan faces him and they go into battle.

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But then his daughter comes in and she has a few words with him too. After this he decided to make a run for it and he jumps off the stage and heads for the door.

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Jed tried to do his best to help his master by hiding behind him. After Lawrence left again Jed got back to his stories.

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With Lawrence's return they got into a fight. Well, a re-enactment of the fight between the Witch King and Aragorn.

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Lawrence was covered from head to toe and wearing a mask so he couldn't see that well and ended up hitting Viggo in the face. Lawrence was freaked out but he said Viggo took it in stride and asked if they got it. From what he and Jed said, Viggo really put himself out there and got a bit beat up for all his efforts but he kept going and never complained. 

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Lawrence kept one pair of his teeth from the character of Lurtz, the Uruk-hai.

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We got our autographs and photos with Jed and chatted with Lawrence too.

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Lawrence thought it was great watching Jed hold Lucky for the picture. Jed actually did a few other things to Lucky, but we won't go into that.

Ok, so, the schedule was supposed to be Lawrence before noon and then Jed at about 3:30. But they both ended up doing both panels. So, in between they had lunch. We all stopped in to grab a bite and saw the guys there talking to some people. I wasn't sure if Jed would be doing the panel since he had just done a panel so I figured I'd ask him. Well, I asked him and he had no idea. They didn't have a schedule and had no idea what was going on. He said he figured he would since it was there and if not then he'd do something else. Then we started talking and I sat down and we all got to talking for quite a while. The other guys sat at another table since they were eating. So basically we chatted until they had to go and then we hit the dealer's room. There were some really great dealers with lots of cool stuff to buy. I really wished I had lots more money. I bought a good amount of stuff actually, they had some really great prices. Then it was time to get ready for the costume party.

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