My Favorite Links

Hello and welcome to my link page, here you'll find links to my favorite web pages, groups and other sites I think are interesting. You may find links on some of the web pages as well but I've decided to make this the main links page. Get it, got it, good. So, let's begin.

Kim's Homepage

We'll start with Websites, Yahoo lists and Message Boards for Actors  A Galaxy of Stars Forum Jason Schombing's List Dan Payne's list Dean Aylesworth list Colin Cunningham's list Andrew Jackson's list Aaron Douglas's list Joe Flanigan's list Erick Avari Website Jason Schombing Website Aaron Douglas Website Tahmoh Penikett Website Alex Zahara Website Cliff Simon Website Craig Veroni Website

Next up are websites for TV shows Lost Messege Board Battlestar Galactica Website Stargate Atlantis Website Stargate SG1 Website

Scifi/Comic Conventions and Museum Scifi Museum in Seattle Comic Con Website DragonCon Website Gatecon Website The Legendary Gathering Website

Bands and Music Andreas Vollenwieder Website Real Life Website Damian Marley Website

Information on Sedona, Arizona

Animals American Kennel Club Website Animal Planet Website Italian Greyhound Website Woodland Park Zoo Website in Seattle Washington Wolf Haven Website

Spiritual/Science Biorhythm Website A very cool map of the earth, you gotta check it out A great place for all sorts of info and Biorythms too


That's it for now, hope you enjoy them!!!

Kim's Homepage