Wolf SG-3 Convention

A friend went to the con and got me these photos and had all the guests sign a con program for me too. Thanks so much!!!!!! You rock!!!

alexis.jpg (131628 bytes)alexisbw2.jpg (130683 bytes)

Alexis Cruz, what a cutie.

jay.jpg (36258 bytes)jaygate.jpg (131917 bytes)

Jay Acovone. The black and white photos were hard to scan and just wouldn't come out that great. But I love the hats.

grouponstage.jpg (102026 bytes)congroup.jpg (103275 bytes)

The group, Jay, Vaitiere Bandera, Tony Amendola, Frida Betrani, Don S. Davis and Alexis.

conprogram.jpg (221156 bytes)

I always wished I could go to the cons in England and this is probably as close as I'll ever get, so thanks again!!!

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