Here's some shots of the coverstone from a sheet I got in the computer game for the movie. It's very cool and a collector's item for sure.

coverstone1.jpg (53766 bytes)

I cut it into sections cause the sheet was too big to fit in my scanner. This is the bottom half. It shows all the dimensions and names of everything, it's really very cool, and this isn't even all of it. It has a section cut out and shown at a side view to see the layers and how it's put together. I'll bring it to the next con and if you're gonna be there and would like to see it let me know.

coverstone3.jpg (52556 bytes)

Top half. In the upper right corner you can see part of one of the cut out sections.

coverstone4.jpg (102308 bytes)

Here I tried to put the 2 halves together but it didn't work so well but at least you get the picture. If you'd like to know anything about it or what it says I can tell you just email me.

diskdetails.jpg (119163 bytes)

This is the detail of the center part. I can picture Daniel Jackson doing his little drawings about it right now.

10.jpg (25130 bytes)11.jpg (28282 bytes)12.jpg (59818 bytes)

Here's the Stargate hat I got from the movie and the poster.

13.jpg (57231 bytes)14.jpg (63903 bytes)

close ups from the bottom of the poster.

15.jpg (74728 bytes)3.jpg (64997 bytes)

I love that shot of Daniel. These are the necklaces I got from Gatecon 2001 and the quartz crystal skull I found at a store in my mall. The Starcode company asked me to add a disclaimer so here it is. Please ask before copying this photo, permission is required. Thanks for your support.

These are 2 of the Starcode necklaces which are protected by the International Copyright, Trademark and Registered Designs, of Angela Dicker at Reproduced here with her written permission.

8.jpg (63838 bytes)

Ok, here's the full sheet.

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