July 14th, 2004

Sekh's Party

Robin and I went to the party and had a great time as usual.We had lots of guests show up so it was fun, entertaining and crazy!!!

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It was hard to grab everyone for a picture but I got as many as I could then Robin got a few for me too so eventually I'll have up all the pics from the party. The first pic is of Jr's friend, I forget his name, I'm bad. Then the fabulous John Novak, great guy.

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The auction begins after we eat a bit and the craziness ensues. The thong is a prop from a movie Jr had just finished. Doug put it on to auction it off, it was a hit. I tried to get it but lost out, oh well, it was fun to bid and see how crazy Dougie got.

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I'm not sure if this is the winner but just had to get the pic. Dougie and Andrew having some fun. Andrew had dropped his drawers and I think Dougie was helping to take them down further.

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Smooches. One of the famous Quilts, this one was for Dr. Janet Fraser.

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Brent's trying to show off the bear that's being auctioned and Jr just can't keep a straight face. It doesn't help that Brent's jiggling it all around and shaking it and making it dance.

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The pillow is the auction piece and the bidding is hot.

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The end, final bows and thanks to everyone.

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Now you really didn't think Robin and I would just go to bed did ya???? We hit the Foggy Dew and had a drink or two. Even lucky got into the act.

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