July 20, 2004

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So, first thing Tuesday Robin comes over to pick me up and head out for the day. She asks me if I tried on my outfit and I said no. So, she makes me try it on. This is pre-makeup, just out of the shower, hair wet, not fully awake Kim. But it's a cool outfit.

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The studio, yeah we gotta make the trek every year, ya never know what might happen. That's my car, don't mind the bumper stickers.

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Fooling around, trying to get the perfect shot.

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We ate at the restaurant across the street and it was great as usual. With full tummies we walked over and poked our heads in to see if anyone was around. We saw Don Davis and Chris Judge walk by.

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This was the last filming day, or very close to it, so they were wrapping it up and alot of people were gone. We met 2 guys that were out by the trucks, they said hi to us and asked if we were there to see anyone. We just said we stopped by to see the studio and see if anyone was around. They told us Don and Chris were there and we were like, "yeah we saw them", and we were glad we were right too. Sometimes it's hard to tell if you're seeing who you think you're seeing. Then Robin and I decided to go for a walk down the block and see if we could see anything else. Well, we saw some trailers for other shows and not alot of much else. But we did run into one of the guys who we had been talking to. He said he was walking to a place to catch the bus. We told him we'd give him a ride and he accepted. So, he walked back with us to my car and he told us they used this building in an episode. I didn't know which one but I got a pic of it anyway, just in case.

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Well, that was it, we got him to his stop and said good bye. He had told us a few things about the show and how filming's been but he didn't tell us anything we didn't already know really. But it was cool to hear a few of his stories and make a new friend. Like I said, you never know what's gonna happen during Gatecon.

Later Campers!!!


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