Cocktail Party

Well, the cocktail party wasn't just that, we had a musical guest and a dance afterward, you'll see.

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Dougie wasn't the only guest we had but he turned out to be the funnest. He said he wasn't wearing, I didn't actually look, but I do believe him.

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Such a sweetheart and always in the mood for silliness.

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Alex introduced our musical guest, Hethro. An acoustic set with some digital effects and some awesome visuals.

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The lights stayed dim so it was hard to get pictures.

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They're not too bad though. This is Jonathon Hetherington, he also had a band called Sunlikestar but now they're called The Art of Dying.I went up to Vancouver to see him play in the music festival they had up there a few months ago and he was great. Had a drummer too, they sounded excellent. Check out their site at: The Art of Dying.

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Robin and I both bought his CD and had him sign it for us. He was alot of fun and hung out with us a while to see what craziness ensued. There was alot of craziness. We danced, the British contingent gave us quite a show of their choreographed dance moves to certain songs. We did the Macarena, Electric Slide I think and some other group dances. I think I needed more alcohol, I can't seem to remember now. I do remember however Allan videotaping us dancing at one point and Patti and I cringing. Good Times!!!!!!!!!!

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Those Kiwi's, so much fun...

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...we had to do it twice.

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