So, here's how it works, they call your ticket number starting at 1 through 50, and you get in line. Then as the line goes down they call the next group of 50 through 100, and so on till it's all done. Once you're in the room you just go to whatever line you want to get an autograph. I usually hit the shortest lines as much as possible first and then wait in the longer lines when I've got a few of the ones I want done with. I was ticket number 120 something so I got in early. Robin was back in the 300's so she had to wait. But she sat with me as long as she could then when it was her turn in line I sat with her as long as I could then went and did stuff till I figured she'd be done and I waited for her. It took forever as it always does and by the time she was out it was late and the volunteer party had started. We didn't volunteer at all last year so we couldn't go but we did run into Frida Betrani in the hall and I asked her to sign her photo with me as she wasn't in the autograph room when I went through. She said sure and  I ran and got my photo and she loved it and signed it for me. After that it was all over and we headed for the lounges for a drink.

1.jpg (83775 bytes)2.jpg (135703 bytes)

I got Don Davis's first since he'd be the longest line and he's always worth the wait. Next up was Steve, always a jokester he was ready to play. Then I got David Palffy.

3.jpg (135758 bytes)

David Winning was very nice and got silly with Steve.

4.jpg (134746 bytes)

A better shot of David and Jason's in the back with John.

5.jpg (164022 bytes)

Jason and John, signing away.

6.jpg (131771 bytes)

Jerry and Andrew. Jerry was selling the cool shirts.

7.jpg (121089 bytes)8.jpg (105667 bytes)

Jr being silly and reaching out to grab whoever was next. I tried to get a shot of the lineup down the back end. It was darker there and very hard to get good pics. Colin's first, Dan Payne, Alex Z. is next and then Gary.

9.jpg (158308 bytes)10.jpg (169285 bytes)

Peter was so nice to show up for the autograph sessions, he couldn't make it to the rest of the con but came in just for his fans to sign some stuff and chat.

11.jpg (90042 bytes)12.jpg (91453 bytes)

There's Dougie in his kilt, gotta love those legs. Ok, yes the security guard is cute and yes I took the picture of him on purpose, even though I pretended I wasn't taking their picture. :P

13.jpg (90755 bytes)14.jpg (88015 bytes)

I tried to get a good shot of Gary several times and wasn't sure they came out so I took a few shots. Christian's in there too.

15.jpg (143841 bytes)

Another pic of Don.

16.jpg (145443 bytes)

Another shot of Steve, I was waiting in line for someone else and figured I'd get some more as you never really know if your pics turn out.

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