Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge & Michael Shanks

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They stepped on to the stage to a roar of applause and screams. This was the first time we'd ever had all 3 of them together so it was quite the occasion.

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I have to say with the 3 of them together I can't see how any work gets done on the show. They joked around so much they barely answered questions. They told lots of great stories and kept us entertained and laughing so hard we were rolling all over the isles.

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Mike and Chris were drinking beer and as you'll see the table got quite full and they ended up bringing out a bucket full of them for the guys so they didn't have to keep making runs to the bar.

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A fan asked if they'd each show us their version of the Puff and Ruffle so they took turns. Amanda did her Wounded Lamb impression during their displays.

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Chris went first and flexed his muscles and posed for our model. Then he turned over the stage to Mike and it was hysterical.

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Mike walked around in front of her checking her out and smiled at her. He flexed a little and then got between the model and Amanda and used her as an armrest while he schmoozed with the model.

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Amanda did a great job of looking pitiful and Mike poured on the compliments. He asked her if she was cold and needed a jacket or wanted something to drink or eat. Amanda just made faces.

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Then Chris came over and added more on so Amanda just lost it. I was cracking up, they were really good. I can't picture Mike and Chris being that cold to the girls but I can see them being that nice to the guest stars that come on the show.

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