Teryl Rothery and Don S. Davis

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Teryl and Don make a great team. She keeps him moving and he keeps her on her toes.

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I loved Don's shirt, it was such great colors and my camera isn't doing it justice.

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They stood alot and moved around, which is odd cause usually Don sits most of the time. But he had lost alot of weight and was feeling very good, he really did look great. You could tell the difference in how he moved and the energy he had.

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Near the end it got a bit serious, we still hadn't heard if there was going to be another season and each year we seem to think it's the last so at times we get all teary eyed and honest and thankful and need a group hug.

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After the panel was over I met Andrew and Jerry in the dealer's room and got some pics with them. I really liked that set up they had in there. Any guest that wasn't busy could find a place to sit and sell photos of themselves and sign them and get a pic with you, how nice is that. I loved it!!

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