Fun Pics


So, it starts out with Robin and I going to lunch and meeting up with the Jr Bourne fan club girls. So we got silly in the Thirsty Turtle and had fun.

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Then my number was up for the photo session so I went in and waited in line. Frida saw me and came over and gave me a hug and said she wanted me to get a few good pictures with some of the guys. So, she took me and set me up with some of the guys that were just standing around and we got some pictures together. She's not a bad photographer huh?

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I had gotten most of my pics when they decided to have lunch for the guests. So, I got stuck waiting inside the room while they all ate outside. I figured why just stand around, I can get a few pictures while I'm waiting. Yes, that's Mike's butt.

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There's Chris, Colin, Jr, Amanda, John and Teryl, Mike is still standing there.

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Frida smiling at me and Andrew J. with his manager. Not sure who the guy in the plaid shirt is.

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Brent and Colin, smiling nice for the pic. Then there's Jr who's being all silly. Which was ok, because it had been a long day and it was hot out and we were ready for some silliness. So, prepare yourself for the next few pics they are a bit graphic.

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Jr wanted to ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Colin sees us and comes over and he's like, what ya doin'? We said taking silly pictures. So he joined us. Then Jr was like, let's do a bunch with the finger. So, there ya go.

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Frida was a great sport and even egged them on.

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This was supposed to be our extreme close-up, didn't quite work but it was all in fun anyway.

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Then Robin and I ran into Jason and Christian outside and stopped to say Hi. We talked and got a few pictures together.

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Not sure what it is about the lifting thing but it's fun.

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Lucky got Lucky. Christian having some fun with Lucky. Robin gets a cool shot with drink in hand and arm on shoulder.

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Some casual moments.

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