Well, the con's over and Robin and I decided to go for a whale watch out of Steveston. In case ya don't know, the town of Steveston was used as the location in an episode called, Nightwalkers. It's a quaint little town of seaside charms and boardwalk restaurants and shopping. OH and there's whale watches too. So, see if you can spot any of the areas where they filmed. Good luck.

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Time for the whale watch. The boat just happened to be named the ExploraTHOR, what a coincidence. Wonder why we took our pictures here, HHHHHMMMMMMM????

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Did I mention the RA part??? Can't forget him ya know.

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On our way out to sea.

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Eagles out watching for fish.

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Now, the funny part. Yes we did see whales, but I got them all on video. This is my one picture, sad huh? It was just too hard to get pictures. They moved so fast I kept missing them so I gave up. Robin continued to try to get good shots. She got a few but it was hard. I like my video, it has some great views of the killer whales.

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So, here we are back in town. A beautiful day and some good shopping and food too.

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See any locations yet???

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Getting creative at a restaurant.

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