Teryl Rothery

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The amazing lady herself. Teryl is a wonderful entertainer. She has stories galore, makes us laugh non-stop and has a heart of gold.

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Her smile and laugh are contagious and her bounding personality shines through all the time.

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She brings up a fan in costume for the day. He's Urgo in case ya didn't know and a great likeness he is.

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Teryl loved the costume and joked with him alot.

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She blew in his ear and gave him a kiss goodbye. Whenever fans get serious and tell her what a difference she or the show has made in their lives she always gets teary eyed. She's an emotional person and loves the fans very much. It doesn't take much to make her cry and that's why we love her so much. She just cares so much.

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The stuffy guard is Teryl's effort to bring some happiness to children's lives. The stuffed animals collected go to the children's hospital to brighten their day and keep them company. She gets hundreds of stuffed bears and other animals for the children every year.

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Teryl speaks about her work and the woman in charge gives us the tally of collected animals so far. It's amazing work they do and all because of Gatecon. Cool!!

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