Douglas Arthurs, Brent Stait, John Novak, Jason Schombing, Andrew Kavadas and Jan Newman

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The setup. They enter the stage and we have some unexpected guests. But that's how this con goes, added guests, bigger panels and more fun!!! Brent, Jan and Andrew.

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John, Doug and Jason.

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Dougie in the Kilt, it just asks to be looked up. Jokes are made but he doesn't care. He is part Scottish and is proud to wear the part.

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Brent has some problems with his mike, Jan offers hers. Andrew just thinks it's funny.

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Jason's new to the con so has no idea what to do, but he soon learns to just go with the flow.

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Questions and more questions. "Yes, that's my tongue", Brent says.

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Jason, the self proclaimed Jew, has a moment. He's great. Funny as hell and really cute too, who'd have thought Rothman was cute???

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