Gatecon 2004

July 15-18, 2004

Best Western Richmond Hotel and Convention Center

Guests Included...

In no specific order, really...

AMANDA TAPPING (Samantha Carter), MICHAEL SHANKS (Daniel Jackson),
CHRISTOPHER JUDGE (Teal'c ), DON S DAVIS (General Hammond),
TERYL ROTHERY (Dr Fraiser), CORIN NEMEC (Jonas Quinn), COLIN CUNNINGHAM (Major Davis),
JR BOURNE (Martouf), DOUGLAS ARTHURS (Heru 'ur), FRIDA BETRANI (Lya of the Nox),
ALEX ZAHARA (Michael "1969" plus multiple aliens), ERICK AVARI (Kasuf), DAN PAYNE (the Super Jaffa!),
BRUCE WOLOSHYN (from Rainmaker Visual Effects), ANDREW JACKSON (Per'sus of the Tok'ra),
DAVID PALFFY (Anubis / Sokar), DAVID WINNING (Director on Atlantis/Andromeda),
JERRY RECTOR (Sliders, ST-TNG etc ), VIRGINIA HEY (Zhaan on Farscape), GARY JONES (Chevron Guy!),
JOHN NOVAK (Col. Ronson, Commander of the Prometheus), JAN NEWMAN (Make up artist),
Jason Schombing (Rothman), Christian Bocher (
"I'm Christian Bocher portraying the character of Raymond Gunne who portrays the character of Dr. Levant which is based on the character Daniel Jackson portrayed by the actor, Michael Shanks, originally portrayed by the actor, James Spader, in the feature film. Are you okay?"), Brent Stait (Ferretti), Andrew Kavadas (Olaf-The Viking Guy),
Steve Bacic (Camulus), Peter Williams (Apophis)

Hello campers, nice to see you all again. This year started with Sekh's Party of course on Wednesday the 14th and we stayed until Tuesday the 20th. We were treated to another amazing year with tons of guests and lots of entertainment and then there was the alcohol and a little bit of food and some sleep in there somewhere. I took lots of pictures with my new Digital Camera, but of course didn't have time to get to know it real well before the con, last minute everything of course, so I didn't get as many great pics as I wanted. But I lucked out enough and got some good shots anyway. Robin was of course taking pictures but I will have to scan in all of hers and without a scanner at the moment that might take a while. Then there's the photos Gatecon takes of us with the guests and those I've got to find a way to get on here, so I'm still working on it. But, trust me, there will be lots of pics as usual. Oh and if you're wondering about Gatecon 2003, it's gonna happen, someday, really. After this one is done, and I take a break, then I'll get it done, really. :-)

So, party on, have fun, relax, breathe, and enjoy Gatecon 2004

This year the links to pages will be a bit different. I'll list the day and the events of each day so you can just click from here what you'd like to see. If there's nothing listed then there's only the one page so click on the day. Hope that makes sense. :~)


Thursday-  Props/Dealers Room    Cocktail Party

Friday-  Andrew J. and Ellen    Dealers Room/Guests   Jerry and Virginia   Gary   Jan, Doug, Brent, John, Jason, Andrew K.   Teryl   Costumes  Auction

Saturday-  Alex, Frida, Doug, Dan P., Brent, Andrew K.   Teryl and Don   Colin, David W., David P., Steve   Erick, Corin, Jr  
Amanda, Chris, Mike   Fun Pics    Auction

Sunday-  Erick and Don   Colin, Jason, Christian   Corin, Gary, Dan S.    Jr   Dealers Room    Closing Ceremonies   Autographs



Hope you enjoyed all the pics and Gatecon 2003 will be coming soon. I never said things were normal around here.

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