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Colin and JR

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So, Allan comes out and does the morning's announcements. Then suddenly, Allan's conscience starts talking to him. It's actually Colin from backstage, but as it tells him not to turn around JR comes walking out in this huge wig. Colin's talking to him and JR's trying to act like he's the one doing it. We all have a great laugh and JR takes the wig off stating something like, "the things I have to do to be Colin Cunningham's friend".

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Then, the voice starts again, Colin slowly comes up from behind the set piece and is wearing a wig as well. Allan does a great job of holding it all together and after some fooling around he finishes his announcements and we get started with the first panel.

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Colin looked like he just came in from a wild night out and JR was casual as usual.

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Colin said his outfit was from a movie that he did or JR did or something and they proceeded to talk about the jacket a while.

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Colin points out that it says SEX all over it, I never saw it, but we'll take his word for it.

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As always the laughs never ended and they had too much fun up there.

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JR explaining how they did the effects for his death in "13 Ghosts". It was quite complicated and although gory, it was a fantastic effect.

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Then, Amanda crashes the panel and it's hugs all around again. Think she's taking lessons from JR.

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They get her a chair and JR was disappointed she didn't sit next to him, but maybe that's a good thing as he seems to get distracted around her.

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The 3 of them were great together and you can tell they're all close friends.

Let's go to Page 2 of this hysterical panel.

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