Friday, 13th

The official start of the con.

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The stage is set...

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...the video screens are ready...

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...the videos played and the lights focus on center stage. Allan is ringed on stage.

Finally all the lights come up...

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...and we're off to a great start. The first panel starts with...

Colin Cunningham

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It was a nice energetic way to start the panels. He has energy and charisma and really kept us laughing.

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I wish I could remember all the stories he told, he's quite a character.

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Then JR and Alexis crash his panel and fun ensues.

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If you've every been to a Gatecon you know JR has this habit of showing up on everyone else's panel. This con I think he set a record. Alexis had fun too, he was really relaxed and was keeping up with the dynamic duo.

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Once Colin and JR get started it's hard to stop them.

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Alexis making fun of Colin talking to himself on his cell phone and home phone. There were all kinds of jokes about cell phones and between JR and Colin they had some great stories.

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JR and Colin see each other driving in the city alot and do things to each other. Like JR drove up next to Colin one day and saw him talking to himself in his rear view mirror, he yelled something down to him and Colin just answered back like he didn't hear what he said, then looked up to see it was JR and gave him the finger. Another time Colin was crossing a street on foot and JR was at the light and noticed him and yelled out to him to get out of the way, Colin got all mad and yelled back and then noticed it was JR and gave him the finger yet again.

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Those 2 have quite an interesting friendship and it was nice to see them hanging out together so much at the con.

Next panel is Alexis and Peter.

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