Monday and Tuesday

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Location, location, location. After driving around for many hours searching and seeing other sites, we finally found the sand pits they use on the show. Actually this is just part of the quarry, the actual pits they use are farther back and we couldn't get to them.

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So, we posed for a shot, the car did a great job don't ya think? Can you say Charlie's Angels or what?

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And there's the pit. It was pretty big and a bunch of bikers seemed to be having a great time there.

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The rest of it, it was long but not real high.

After this we went out to eat and then back to the hotel. Fiona and I went out dancing that night and had a serious blast.

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We ended up at this Salsa club and just had a ball. There were actual teachers and students there practicing so we got to see some really great dancers. They even got us up on the floor too. It was so much fun, I would do that again any day.


Ok, here's the story. We all bid on the auction to go to lunch with JR on Tuesday. We had 3 bids on there for each of us but only one made it so Robin and Fiona let me have it. How nice of them. But since we were leaving right after it they came with me and just sat outside the room we were in. JR was late, no biggie, but funny, cause he seems to do that alot. And, he had a surprise when he came in. Robin and Fi made a sign that said Raffle Losers #9 and 10, and set it up so he'd see it. So, when he did show up he saw them and recognized them and stopped to talk to them and saw the sign and laughed. All the while they were video taping him too, but didn't get some of him on it cause they set it down and forgot to point it at him. The conversation was funny though. Finally he came in, we all said "Hi", did formal introductions and then ordered lunch.

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The food was great, he paid for all of it, which I didn't expect but was incredible of him to do. Then it was time for gifts, photographs and silliness. I wanted one of him and I with my Mastadge, he thought it was cute and after an explanation by me of what it was he remembered it from the movie.

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Group shots!!!

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Smile everyone.

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He actually had his friend that works there take those pictures and then he said we needed one of us with him so we posed again and JR took that shot of us. It was alot of work taking all those pictures with everyone's cameras, I hope they all came out great.

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Then of course JR said he wanted to get a picture with the losers, so he posed with them. I got a few shots of the fun just for fun.

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He was a great sport. Then strangely he went into another story, one about him as a waiter and spilling something all over a customer. He was hysterical and it's great how he can laugh at himself and give us insight into himself. Not every person will open themselves up to strangers like that.

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Then more pictures, this time with the group from Scotland, the US, Germany and England.

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He has such a great smile I just can't help but take pictures of him. Ok, so we finally get out of the restaurant and decide to get another picture in the sun, we call it, "Got Shades?" I was actually falling over at the time hence the weird look.

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So, we left and I saw this very cool guitar in a shop on our way back to the cars and just had to get a picture, it said Blue Ruby.

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I think says it all, don't ya think?

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We were at the border to the US and I was bored so I took a few pictures to entertain myself. That's Robin and Fiona in the car behind me and then Robin stuck Lucky out the window and I just had to get that one.That's the peace arch in the background.

Ok, so when I get home I always take a picture of all the autographs I got, so here they are. The only thing that's not there is my soda can, too hard to get, wouldn't show up right.

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My script, I have so many autographs on it it's almost hard to read. It had all the original cast and writers on it when I got it and then I added everyone else to it. It's got to be worth a fortune!! Don't even think about it! I'm never letting this out of my sight. :)

Well, that's it, finally, it's done, over and complete. Hope you enjoyed reliving the con as much as I did. If you really want to relive it, buy the videos, they're great and the photo CD too, there's so many great pictures, I love it. So, bye now, see ya later then!!!

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