Thursday, 12th

The con begins.

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Robin, Fiona and I went for a drive that day to look for locations and to see this cool suspension bridge that a friend told us about. It was a really cool place and even though Fiona is very afraid of heights we got her to go part way down, I went before her for support. Then we had to get the Lucky shot with the bridge so we posed together. We were driving in robin's rental, a very nice red convertible mustang, and since we had the top down we each wore one of our camouflage head caps to keep our hair fairly manageable. It was a great drive, we found lots of locations, thanks to the bus tour list of spots they were going. We also happened upon the studio for the Dead Zone. Accident? I don't think so. We were actually looking for Andromeda's studio which we figured had to be one of the other buildings next door. There was a lady standing out in the parking lot and we asked for directions and then Robin asked her what this place was and she told us, we were surprised and delighted. Told her how much we liked the show and then drove away, hoping she didn't think we were completely crazy, stalkers or something. Anyway, it was a great start to the con and a beautiful day, just perfect.

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Robin and I at the Cocktail Party.

Ok, this is gonna be a bit weird, but I never did say we were normal. We went to the cocktail party and it was full of fans but no guests were scheduled to come. As it turned out, none came, so we decided to leave early and go back to the room and have our own party. We drank a bit much, cranked up the music and had fun.

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Here's the story, we all had gifts for the guests and then had other things that we wanted to get pictures with the guests with. I had brought all my action figures from the movie to show Robin and Fi and anyone else that wanted to see them, plus I thought I might give them to the actors that played them so I brought them along. So, I was thinking I wanted a picture of all my stuff together so as I set them up Fi and Robin set up their things too and it ended up being a full blown toy convention.

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Plus, Robin and Fi had gone to Alaska right before the con and had bought all kinds of stuff for themselves and gifts for family so they added those too.

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The turtles are for Teryl, the gazelles are for Amanda, the mastadge is what I got pics with the guests with and Robin's duck Lucky was lucky enough to get pics with all the guests too. I ended up keeping all my action figures, didn't want to give them away, I had too much fun with them. That's my SG-1 100th episode plaque.

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Fiona had found this very cool lifelike cat with wings, it's at the top, the head actually moved, you just used this control thing that was basically like what they used in movies in special effects. It was really amazing and kind of scary. You could position the wings, the fur felt real and it was made of wood so it was pretty light.

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We had fun, singing and dancing, drinking and snacking, playing with our toys and even had a friend over. All in all it turned out to be a very good night.

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