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The Studio Tour

The Studio tour was an online auction done by Gatecon. Robin and I were in the middle of the bunch so we got a pretty good deal. There were 2 buses and we went on the second tour. Unfortunately we had to miss the first panels of the day at the con but it was worth it. We had way too mcuh fun there.

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They started us at the big garage door entrance and we walked through the hallways to Daniel Jackson's old office, which is now Jonas's. It still has much of Daniel's books and such but there's lots of new stuff of Jonas's too.

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We got to wander around a bit and take pictures and video so I was doing both at the same time trying to get it all.

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We were even allowed to touch stuff, we all liked that!!!

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The elevator.

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The area around the elevator and me in the elevator, what fun, whoooppeee!!!

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The doctor's medical examination room.

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The Stargate, they had the Iris closed and it was lit up like it was in use. They did a whole incoming traveler alert thing with the red lights spinning and stuff, it was neat.

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They gave us time to each stand in front of it and get a picture.

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Some of us really got into it.

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That's me with Lucky.

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Another pose with Lucky, wanted a shot with just us in it.

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The autographs on my arm are still very visible despite showering, granted I didn't scrub it so it wouldn't come off. I had gotten quite a few of them by the end of the day on saturday. The star map is so cool, I wanted to see it move.

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Robin getting shots with Lucky. This was taken from the control room.

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It looks just like it does on the show, it was so cool walking up the ramp, pretending to be going on a mission. Now we're up in the meeting room. Lucky and I lounging at the desk.

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We tried to have a meeting but with all the other people moving around it was very distracting.

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It's a huge set, and so realistic, we sometimes felt like we were intruding on a government installation.

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The sign, had to get the sign.

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