Wednesday, September 11th

Sekh's Party

It took place at Maverick's on the waterfront. It was a huge place and we seemed to fill it up quite nicely. It was 2 floors, had a stage and an outdoor area that was filled with firemen. The sentiment of the day was felt by everyone but we still managed to have a great time. JR showed up late, only because he had to take his dog Scooby, to the vet. He has some kind of disc problem in his back, but JR told us he will be just fine. So, we gathered together, gave some speeches, had a moment of silence, then ate some great food and finally auctioned off lots of wonderful Stargate SG-1 stuff, brought to us by Bill Vigars. As we left that night, I was in the last bus out and we saw JR come out and get into his truck, he waved good night to us and said thanks for coming one last time and then drove away. What a night. 

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The place. It was actually in the Plaza of Nations, pretty cool huh? For those of you that might not know, they filmed a few episodes here so it has meaning to us for that. The firemen hung out outside for most of the night then came inside as it got dark and cold. They even got on stage and gave a nice speech.

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The bar, I went upstairs to get a nice view.  It is a sports bar, but I think they may have cleared out some of the stuff and added more tables for us cause there were alot of us. 

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It was fairly dark and the size of it just made my flash seem like a dot, so sorry for the darkness, but you get the idea.

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Here we are, from left to right, Fiona, Dana's friend, Dana, and Robin. Patti was there but must have been gone when I took the picture.

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The woman is from the studio, think she helped Bill with the props from the show for our auction. You know Tom, the USAF advisor and last is Doug Thar his Pentagon counterpart.

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Finally JR shows!!! We waited forever, had to improvise to fill the time, but when he showed up the party started all over again.

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He keeps us laughing and certainly has become quite the good auctioneer.

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Don't remember who's hat, or what it was about, but JR gets off on these tangents and we just laugh and go along, it's hysterical.


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His comments and insights are honest and hilarious. There's a story behind the hat, and if you're nice, I'll fill you in. The crystal skull, not as big as the real one, but still, very nice.

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OK, he's growing his hair out for a movie he's doing and he hates it so he wears the hat cause he doesn't know what to do with it.

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One of the auction items, great picture!!

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He was just all smiles, as always. Having fun and being silly.

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He really knows how to work a room. The quilt, they were oh so cool this year with sayings from a character from the show. Think this one was from Daniel, I know they did Jack's at the con auction.

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Martouf's vest, from when he was killed. This was hysterical, he wouldn't put it on, we tried, but he just kept calling it tripe, you had to be there.

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He really had fun, like all of us, but I swear he gets sillier every year. You go JR!!!

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It became a running joke to make him take his hat off so we could see how long his hair was. He totally refused. Finally saying he'd take it off for a thousand bucks, then amazingly someone shouted, One Thousand. He stopped in his tracks, his mouth dropped open and he didn't believe it. She walked up to the stage and presented her payment. He refused at first saying it smelled, he didn't want to take it off cause his hair was all messy, but finally he gave in. As soon as it came off, the cameras began flashing, then he said he should have said he'd do it if no one took pictures. But in the end, we won. After that it just got funnier and funnier. He said he'd wash it for her and sign it too if someone had a pen. Someone handed him a black marker. He looked at it and said something like, have you seen the hat, it's black!! Needless to say it was like that all night, just one silly thing after another.

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After it was all over, he signed everything that had been auctioned off and smiled for the cameras.

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I just had to get a good shot of the long hair, that's my weakness.

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Bill and I, we've known each other since the first con when I won the walk on part on "The Immortal" at the charity auction. Here's a cool shot of the Plaza at night.

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