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We stopped by the set of Andromeda and dropped off some gifts and stuff to get signed. Keith Hamilton Cobb is Robin's favorite, he plays Tyre, I think that's how you spell it. Robin had the chance to meet him at a con a few months ago. He told her to stop by if she had stuff to bring him, so we did. Unfortunately he wasn't there when we stopped by. You'd never be able to tell this was a TV studio from the building except for the trailers in back and the signs on each parking space. All the main crew had an assigned parking spot. I think the cast parked in back.

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After that we went into town and did some sight seeing and shopping. I figured I'd get a shot of Robin taking my picture since she's always taking pictures. We stopped in at "The Cat's Meow" for some food and drinks. It was a very cool place, very trendy but laid back. If it was warmer out we would have sat outside, but the chill in the air kept us inside.

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Robin saw this dog and asked the lady if she could take a picture of it, so the lady gave me his leash and I posed. This is Cactus Jack, I got him in Sedona, he's an antenna cactus, Robin liked him so she took a pic for me.

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This is the restaurant across from the hotel, it's funny how you see stuff you can relate to the show everywhere you look.

We stayed in Vancouver until Friday, had a great time relaxing and sightseeing. Stopped by the Studio twice to see if anything was happening. Once we talked to a lighting guy, said they were only shooting aliens that day. And the next time they were all gone, they were out on location, but we got a shot of the iris, that was cool.

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The Iris, hard to see, but you can tell what it is if you know what it is, know what I mean???

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The Studio, no kidding. This is when they had left for a location shoot, it was pretty much an empty lot.

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Ok, me at the studio, whooo hoooo!!

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This is actually the day before, when they were still there. We saw a few military looking people and jaffa looking people but that's it. There were some very nice cars parked out front.

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These guys in the car drove by slowly and looked at us then waved and went to park. Don't know who they were, but they seemed nice. We of course waved back and tried not to look too insane.

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More cool cars and a dog, very cute dog at that. That's all of the studio, I just know, someday I'll get in there.

If you'd like to see a movie of the area around the studio, click here.

I went out dancing on Wednesday , found a great place called "The Wet Bar", danced all night and they had great drinks too. A DJ was in from NY, it cost a little more to get in than usual, but it was worth it, I had a blast. Found out all the hot spots to go dancing and for some great music. While I was walking around I saw 2 shows filming, one was "The Chris Isaac show", don't know the other one.

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When I got home I laid out all the great pictures I got for a group shot, weirdness ensued.

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This is the center of the con program. A wonderful overview of last years events. At the bottom there's a pic of Robin and I with Chris and the staff weapon, thanks for putting us in guys, you rock!!!! Oh and thanks for using our pictures in the video too, that kicked ass!!! Have I said, YOU ROCK lately??!!?? They even have a pic of Patti and a friend with Jay A.

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It still cracks me up to see the guys wearing my lipstick.

gameboard.gif (544 bytes) The gameboard stands for mn, pronounced men.

Well, that's it for this year, See ya' next year.

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