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I volunteered this year so I had to go to a bunch of meetings, but mostly it was a casual day. Registration got set up and people just hung out together. The cocktail party started around 7 that night. Alexis was the only guest to come to the cocktail party so he graciously spent time at every table meeting everyone. By the end of the night I'm sure he was exhausted, he really went the extra mile for the con and I think he even enjoyed himself.

First off, I think I made an impression on him right away. You see I was going out of the room for some air, and when I got to the door Alexis was standing there and we almost ran into each other. The security person at the door almost didn't let him in cause she didn't see a con tag, but then she realized it was him. So with all his security and him standing there blocking the entrance, I backed away so he could get in and he did the same so I could go out. We laughed, and I let them go in. As he passed me he smiled and my heart melted. He's so sweet!!!!

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Some shots are a bit dark,  but I tried to get some good shots of him just being him, and since he was the only cast member there, he was the center of attention. Ok, that was a long sentence.

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Between Robin and I we got some nice shots of him. He was so great, talking and introducing himself to everyone, like we didn't know who he was. He shook everyone's hand and even signed autographs. He got lots of gifts and really talked to everyone, and listened.

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As part of my volunteer duties I was there to help out the security and liaisons for the guests. Meaning, if they needed food or drinks, I'd get it for them, or if they needed to leave for a bit, I'd take their place. And, I even got to get him a cup of coffee, (first pic) he likes it sweet, 2 creams and 4 sugar. He has a sweet tooth just like me. So, it was cool bringing him his coffee and getting a smile and thank you, he has the best smile. I'll bet he wondered why I brought him a cup of coffee, how did I know he wanted one and how much cream and sugar to put in it, HHHMMMMMMM.

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The first time I saw him smile in the movie, I was in love. He has such joy in his face, every inch just exudes happiness, alot like me I'm told.

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Thought I'd put these in here, the first has his autograph on it. He wrote, Kim, All my Love, and signed it. See what I mean about his smile, it's contagious. He was such a nice guy, I could easily spend weeks, or even months talking to him about stuff, maybe even years. He's just my height too, love a guy that can look me right in the eyes.

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Some friends we met while waiting in line to go to Sekh's party. Patti and Dana waiting for our turn to talk to Alexis.

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Next I have a few pics of Michael Shanks......

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