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I missed the beginning of Gary and Dan Shea's panel, they auctioned off some more of the items left over from last night. Then Jay, Jay and Tony joined them to help out.

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When they were done, Dan and Gary left and the guys started their panel.

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I liked Jay B's shirt today, very interesting.

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More stories and faces.

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Ok, it looks like Jay A's wearing the same sweater that he wore yesterday, but it's not, it's just the same color. I liked the color though, very earthy, looked good on him. I noticed there weren't many colorful outfits this year. Teryl wore the most colorful stuff, leave it to a woman.

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Allan asked his questions and then it was time to go.

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Allan did look great in his suit, nice to see him dressed up, he should wear one more often.

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Alrighty then, we move on to the next panel, the crew.......

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