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Robin, Patti, Dana and I went to dinner at that restaurant on top of the building that turns around, now I forget the name. Anyway, it was great, had wonderful food, fantastic views, and very nice atmosphere. These are in no particular order, mine are first and Robin's pics are after mine.

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We planned to be there at sunset, but got there a little late and only caught the end. It was spectacular though.

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Like the sky was on fire.

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I love to watch sunsets, and sunrises for that matter.

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Funny how Robin and I picked out some of the same things to take pictures of.

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Robin liked this statue, it is very cool.

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It got dark. Figured I'd get a few pics of stuff all lit up.

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I like this shot of Robin and I. Thanks Patti!!

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Ok, tried real hard to get a good shot of the round building all lit up. Vancouver at night, the city comes to life.

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