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Alexis Cruz

Today starts the official con. Registration is in full swing, the dealers room is starting to fill up, and Allan starts the con with a fantastic video and opening ceremonies. We kick everything off with Alexis Cruz's panel. It's his first con and he's up there alone, I felt for him, poor guy, never stood a chance. The fans treated him very well actually but he didn't get away from the standard boxers or briefs question, and a few other silly questions like mine, "Can you tell us what the heiroglyphs on the walls mean?" He did a great job, what he came up with was very funny and gave him a chance to think on his feet, which we learned he likes to do. So, on to lots of pics....

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When Allan came out he asked the guests questions from the internet, from people that couldn't make it to the con. That was nice of him to do, but we knew the end was near and everyone started to moan every time he came out. It was kind of funny, but the poor guy got quite the complex after a while. I think Allan did a great job and he deserved the standing ovation he got at the end of the con.

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The next panel was Jay Acovone, Jay Brazeau and Tony Amendola.

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