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Gatecon 2001

September 20-23, 2001

Best Western Richmond Inn Hotel and Convention Center

Welcome to this year's Gatecon photos. I'm sure you remember the drill, although this time I really am going to try to keep page size and picture size down to save loading time, REALLY. Oh and I have to give credit for half these pictures to Robin Nash, I think she actually took more pics than me this year. She did a great job with her new camera and got lots of great shots that I missed, so between the two of us I think we covered it all. This is my biggest site yet, with the most pictures, so be prepared to spend lots of time here and wait for all the great pictures.

Here's a few bumper stickers I just found that seem to fit in quite nicely.

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Well, we arrived on  Wednesday, which was an unexpected treat, Robin's flight was changed so we figured we would try to go to Sekh's Party at Planet Hollywood if they had any room left. As it turns out, they did, so we got to go, and boy did we have fun. Colin Cunningham showed up as did Jr Bourne, and Brent Stait who plays Ferretti and is also one of the stars on Andromeda. We bought some raffle tickets earlier and Robin ended up getting a hat signed by Michael Shanks, and when we went up to get it Jr said he remembered us from last year, that was cool. We got our pics with Colin and got to talk to him a bit, nice guy. Jr was surrounded the moment he showed up so we only got a few pics of him and figured we'd get to see him more at the con. All in all it was fun, I'm glad we got to go. We had a few drinks, the food was pretty good and I had fun with the bartenders and waiters, you'll see.

Ok, we're at Planet Hollywood in downtown Vancouver. We didn't have alot to do right away except drink and mingle. So we did just that. They had made up a whole menu of drinks just for us, with incredibly creative names, like Martouf's comeback, that's what Robin had all night. I stuck to margaritas, and only had 3. Did you see the size of those things???

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So I'm having fun ok, sue me. We all had a blast, can you tell?

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Robin and Linda, the gang was all there. Robin with Colin, he was very gracious to let everyone get a photo with him. Nice guy too, very cool and down to Earth, just like every other person I've met from the show.

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My turn with Colin, he plays Major Davis on the show. Dana and friend.

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Ok, back to the drinking and fun, but now there's food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jr had finally made his appearance and was making a speech downstairs. He and Colin shared a joke.

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When they started the Raffle we went downstairs to get a better view. This is when she went up to accept it. Robin, the drink and the hat.

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A shot of the background.  After the raffle, Jr got pics with people and got lots of gifts too.

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He had fun with the gifts. I loved his outfit, it's so, I just threw this on last minute and ran out the door.

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A shirt that was personalized for him.

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Ok, these are the waiters and bartenders I made friends with. They were like, come here and they picked me up. I was so not ready for it so I just laughed and screamed and Robin took the pic. Then this guy that I'd remembered from last year, but I can't remember his name now, came up and decided he'd give me a lift too. What a fun night it was, and I only had 3 margaritas, really.

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