Gatecon 2000

Radisson Hotel Burnaby

September 22-24

Photos and memories


So we arrive at the hotel, go to our room, and it's like an apartment, like I could live there. We just walked around and kept saying, look at this, it was hysterical. It was two floors, two bedrooms, living room, dinning room, bar, mini-fridge, desk, two and 1/2 baths, four closets, it was sweeeeet!!!

livingroom.jpg (18859 bytes)suite1.jpg (9248 bytes)dinningroom.jpg (8683 bytes)

Robin and Patti are watching TV. Our spiral staircase, so cool, and the half bath was by the door. Dinning area, with desk on the side.

bar.jpg (7845 bytes)bedroom1.jpg (8537 bytes)bedroom2.jpg (12485 bytes)

The bar and kitchen. Robin's bedroom, with TV, closet and dressers, her bathroom was across the hall. Our bedroom, queen size bed and pretty pillows too.

bedroom21.jpg (10364 bytes)bedroom22.jpg (8804 bytes)bedroom23.jpg (5366 bytes)

Our TV and dressers. There's a make-up table and mirror with closet down the hall, and our upstairs entrance. The bathroom is off the hall and we had a huge bathtub, but it wasn't a Jacuzzi tub though.

view.jpg (7760 bytes)

We had two sliding doors out to the balcony, one from the living room and one from the dinning room. The view was fantastic.

hindquarters.gif (722 bytes) The lion's hindquarters stands for ph, pronounced peh.

Well, we didn't do much Thursday except eat dinner in the sports bar and hang out in the room. It gets much more exciting friday, but first here's a few great pics I just found. NEW PICS!

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