Here's a few pics that I just found, I had tucked them away so they didn't get lost and forgot about them. Silly me.

groupauto.jpg (95845 bytes)groupauto2.jpg (94364 bytes)

I got everyone's autographs on these 2. The first one has clockwise from the top, JR Bourne, Chris Judge, Jay Acovone, Don s. Davis, Teryl Rothery, Tony Amendola and Amanda Tapping. See if you can figure out the ones on the second pic.

peterwauto.jpg (100511 bytes)pwapophisauto.jpg (121524 bytes)

I got this pic of Peter Wingfield when I visited the "Cold Squad" set. We got to do that when we did the day on the set of "Immortal". My contact guy also worked on that show and had to stop by his office there before he took us to the set, so we got a tour and autographed pics of him. He wasn't there of course, no one was actually, they were done shooting for the year. I like the pic though and now that he's been on Stargate, I figured he'd be a nice addition. Peter Williams as Apophis, he wrote, To Kim, Snakes Rule! One Love! signed it, wrote "Apophis" and put a cute little star on it. He's so sweet.

jrauto.jpg (69386 bytes)

JR Bourne, wrote, To Kim, We Love As One.... signed it and then put (great name!!), it's the same as his sisters. Always the heartbreaker!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH THUD!

cormorant.gif (835 bytes) The cormorant stands for ak.

Well that's it for the new pics, hope you liked them. Now on to Friday.

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