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For those of you you haven't heard of "Stargate SG-1" or the movie "Stargate", here's a fairly short explanation starting with the movie. Oh, if you already know all about it, the links are at the bottom.


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In 1928, Dr. Langford, an archaeologist, found something incredible in the deserts of Egypt, near Giza and the largest pyramids where they'd been digging for tombs. They uncovered a large round cover stone, covered with detailed heiroglyphics, it had two tracks of symbols around the outside, and a cartouche in the center. The outer track had the ancient heiroglyphs that most Egyptologists know, the inner track held symbols that had never been seen before. The cartouche also had six of the unknown symbols running in a straight line vertically inside it. Under the cover stone they found an even larger metallic looking stone ring, with the same symbols as the inner track of the cover stone. In the center of the stone ring, fused in the dirt, were two crumpled forms that had large masks on their heads in the forms of a jackal and a hawk.

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After many years of concealment by the American military who had taken over the find, they finally began the study of what had been found with the help of Dr. Langford's daughter, Catherine. She'd  been there from the very beginning at the original site as a child, her father had even let her keep a strangely metallic stone necklace that was found at the site that had the eye of Ra on it. With Catherine's team, they pieced it together enough to figure out what the outer track of heiroglyphs on the cover stone meant. The ring and cover stone had been set upright and held inside an old missile silo. Years before, the military had discovered that the metallic stone ring's symbols moved along a track in the ring, and the symbols fit into the nine chevrons that encircled it. After hooking it up to a power source and computers, they could control the movement of the ring. It was decided since the symbols in the cartouche matched the ones on the ring, to try those first. When centering the six symbols in the chevrons, each one would snap forward then lock back in place. As each chevron locked, the ring started putting out it's own energy, the floor shook, everything rattled, but nothing ever happened after the sixth symbol was locked. After two years of study, Catherine's people were at their end, they needed to bring someone new to the team, a fresh face and new mind.

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Dr. Daniel Jackson, an Egyptologist that had a reputation for some of the stranger viewpoints throughout the archeological society, was considered a man before his time, an oddball, even a crack-pot. But his latest lecture sparked Catherine's interest. He believed that the ancient Egyptian heiroglyphic language was based on an even earlier language, and that the pyramids were not built by the pharaohs said to have built them but were built much earlier as well. Seeing his genius for what it was she invited him to work for her, translating heiroglyphs.

After a long ride and many tissues later (allergies), Daniel arrived at the small opening in the side of the mountain, another long ride down in an elevator, a few introductions, and he finally got to see the cover stones. He was in awe, he'd never seen anything like it. Catherine put him to work immediately, he re-translated the first track of standard heiroglyphs, making the professor who'd done it originally, feel quite uncomfortable. It said: A million years into the sun is Ra, sealed and buried for all time, in Stargate. Now, all he had to do was figure out what the other symbols meant. He hadn't been told about the ring, but asked if anything was found under the cover stones, as usually their was a tomb underneath. He was cut off by a military colonel saying that everything was now classified. He was told to continue his translations on the cover stone and not allowed to roam the old missile silo halls. One night, on a trip for water to make more coffee, he stumbled into a discovery. The security guard at his door had been reading the newspaper and he saw the picture on the front page, an outline of the star constellation Orion. Recognizing it as one of the symbols he'd been trying to translate, he quickly figured it out. Grabbing a star map, he drew each constellation that matched the symbols on the "Stargate", as he had termed it. Matching the six symbols in order, he figured it was an address of sorts, you need six points to outline any point in space, and a seventh, the point of origin to plot a course. With only six symbols in the cartouche, no one knew what the point of origin symbol was.

Finally, the big brass was brought in, it was decided if Daniel could figure it out this far, it's time to give him a crack at the thing he named, the "Stargate". With all the pomp of a classified military meeting, he was brought in and clumsily explained what he discovered. Showing them the six symbols were actually an address, he slowly pointed out the point of origin was the picture underneath the cartouche. After a nod from the head General, the white board he had been writing on lifted, revealing the Stargate in the room below. Catherine explained everything to him as he was brought down to the control room to see if he could find the seventh symbol on the Stargate. As he watched the monitor, symbols ran their course around the ring, finally he shouted, stop. Asking for a marker, he drew two people kneeling and praying on either side of the triangular symbol on the screen, and added a sun above it. He found the seventh symbol.

Quickly the technicians dialed up the symbols then added the last one. The energy spiked and a huge spiral of what seemed to be water came spinning out of the center of the ring, then, it crashed in on itself and went backwards, still spiraling to a point, then finally it centered itself into a flat surface filling the ring. The military, ready for anything, had a probe ready and sent it through. It came out on a planet on the other side of the known universe. The Stargate was a stable worm hole to other planets.

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After making sure it was habitable for humans, it was decided a team should go through and check this place out.  Colonel Jack O'Neil, the one in charge of the project, picked his team. After realizing the symbols on the other planet's Stargate were different, they almost gave up the mission, but Daniel said he could figure them out and bring the team home. He was on the team.

After some confusion, they found very human looking people in a world that looked like it was still living in ancient Egyptian times, the planet was called Abydos. The people there were under the rule of a half human, half alien hybrid that considered himself a god and kept them there as slaves to mine the mineral that kept his technology alive.

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After a few interesting days on the planet, the team gets a visit from Ra himself. He's of course outraged at the interference from these newcomers and starts a war. After a fierce battle, he gets blown up as he's trying to escape for his life. The Abydans are free and now have new friends from Earth.

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Daniel decides to stay with his Abydan wife Sha'uri but the rest of the team returns to earth. After their return, the military takes over the project and takes all civilians off the project. They decide to close down the project and post guards to watch it until they decide what to do next.  That's where the TV series starts and I started my new obsession with Stargate SG1.  

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