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This is a photo site devoted to my life. In here you'll find a photographic collection of the stuff I do. I go to Scifi conventions, cruises, I basically travel alot. This is a simple site but there's lots of pictures in here so be prepared to wait a bit if you have a slow computer and if pics don't show up, hit refresh and they should show up. I hope you have fun, enjoy yourself and check back often!

OH and to increase the joy and happiness in the world I'm more than happy to let others use my pictures on their websites, just ask permission, give me credit and add a link to my site and I'll add a link to your site on mine. Something like...

"Used by the permission of Kim Behnert at" - would be nice and easy. Thanks so much, we now return to our regularly scheduled program. :)


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You've probably seen the banners at the top of the page, well, here's the scoop. I've been into art for a while now and have been to lots of art festivals and conventions where I've met lots of great artists and photographers, so here's a bunch of links to follow to a bunch of great art. The Hummingbird is the work of McCrain Photography, fantastic outdoor photographer. The warrior with the little dragon is the work of Mr. Stanley Morrison, amazing fantasy artist. The wizard and dragon is done by Vincenti Fantasy Art. Lastly there's Eric Cheng, absolutely amazing photographer, does underwater stuff and so much more. So, please stop by these artists sites and check them out!!!!!!!!

Just click on any link below to start your journey through my wondrous world of photos.

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Please let me know if you have any problems with my site, I hate when stuff doesn't work. You can contact me at kim_m_fox at hotmail dot com Be sure to put something personal about my site in your subject line, I get so much SPAM in my email it's hard to weed out the real ones I want to read. Thanks!!! :)